Top 5 Things For Wheelchair Users to Pack in Carry-on Bag

In the rush of preparing for a holiday, it can sometimes be easy to forget to pack the essentials into your carry-on bag. Here are the top 5 things to make sure are handy when you fly.

  1. Medication and Medical Supplies
    The most important item you can bring on board with you would be any medication you’ll need for the duration of your trip. Packing a day or two’s worth of extra medical supplies that you use on a daily basis in your carry-on is a safe bet in case your luggage goes missing or if your trip is extended beyond your control. For the same reason, it’s probably a good idea to pack meds for a few extra days.
  2. Chair Charger
    Bringing this on board with you could save you extra hassle if your luggage happens to go missing. An exciting trip full of fun plans could turn into a headache with you trying to find an alternative charger in a different city or country.
    If you have a separate case for the charger that would be even better than packing it in your carry-on. Sometimes, if you ask, the flight attendants might be willing to place it in a separate closet at the front of the plane.
  3. Converter and adapters
    These go hand in hand with the wheelchair charger and are necessary if you’re traveling to a country that uses different electrical sockets and voltage.
  4. Any parts that can be easily removed from wheelchair
    This will likely save you a trip to the luggage claims office for damage done to your chair after all the handling it went through. I recommend removing the following: armrests, foot pedals, headrest, joystick, and seat cushion.
  5. Sling
    If you use a lift or a hoist to transfer, then packing a sling in your carry-on is a good plan if you arranged to rent a lift, brought your own, or if the hotel is fortunate enough to have one in the room.

Extra tip: Anything that will make you comfortable for the flight
This could be anything from your seat cushion or a neck pillow to gadgets that will keep you occupied for the duration of the flight, such as your laptop or tablet, or maybe a book.

These are the items that I typically pack in my carry-on. If you bring items other than the ones listed above, please leave a comment and share what they may be.

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