When Travel Dreams Become Goals

Guest post by Laura C. Robb

It’s always exciting to connect with other bloggers who are interested in travelling and especially bloggers with whom you can discuss accessible travel. That’s why I am pleased to introduce my friend, Laura C. Robb, who encourages her readers to always live beyond their limits. She recently went on a road trip and this is her experience:

Over the summer, I went on a road trip with my parents. We were gone for eight days. The first destination was Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Because we had a wedding to celebrate—one of my brothers. That’s what started the trip, but months before we decided to continue traveling after the wedding.

My dad said, “Niagara Falls is only 4 hours north of Pittsburgh.”

I pondered his comment. Another idea quickly came to mind, “Well if we go to Niagara Falls, we have to cross the border and go into Canada too.”

Oh, I could see it. This was going to happen.

Whenever we travel, I often help with the planning. I love to research new areas, look up directions, and be the chief navigator along the way. I can’t drive due to my disability, but I’m always ready to be a part of the journey.

For this trip, I knew what needed to be done first. Get a Passport.

Canada would be my first international destination. This seemed like a great way to begin my travels. I waited and waited for my passport to arrive in the mail. It finally came. I held it in my hand and thought, “this is really happening.”

I’ve carried some travel dreams in my heart for years. They stayed there. Travel dreams felt like impossible dreams.

Then I felt a shift as I saw my passport in real life. My travel dreams don’t have to be dreams anymore. Now they can be goals. Real goals to pursue. I have a passport and I have 10 years to work on traveling the world. When those 10 years are up and my passport expires, I’ll just apply for a new one.

There are lots of details to figure out, like how to fly with my wheelchair and who to take with me as a companion or caregiver. But I’m a planner, a problem-solver, an overcomer. And I’ve connected with people like Jasmine. She has flown to different parts of the world. I can learn from those who have more international experience than I do.

With my passport in the van and my mom in the driver’s seat, we made it to Canada this summer. We could only stay for a few hours this time. I didn’t mind. Checking off a visit to a new country was plenty of excitement for me.

Sadly, my dad didn’t get his passport in time. We briefly left him on the New York side, but we didn’t leave him out of the fun. I called him from Canada! And I enjoyed the chance to text my siblings and a few friends, “Hello from Canada!”

We came home from our trip and I stayed in a funk for a few weeks. The regular routine was so blah. I wanted to keep exploring new places. I realized that I had found a new passion. Being on the road for days woke up my desire to travel.

Maybe those traveling dreams aren’t so impossible. There’s nothing concrete yet, but I’m already pondering. And one day soon I’ll hopefully be planning. Where should I go next?

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I was born with Arthrogryposis, a physical disability. I have limitations that have always affected my daily life, but I refuse to see these limits as obstacles. I constantly find ways to embrace the story I am living, chasing dreams and overcoming challenges as they come. As I share my own journey, I hope to encourage others to learn what it means to live…BEYOND YOUR LIMITS.

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