Grand Hotel Bonanno, Pisa, Italy: A Wheelchair Accessible Hotel Review

We left Venice just as rainy weather started coming in and arrived in Pisa where the sun was shining bright.

I stayed at the Grand Hotel Bonanno for two short nights.

The hotel is a ten minute roll from the Square of Miracles, which is where you’ll find the Leaning Tower and a bevy of other attractions.

I have mixed feelings about my stay at this hotel. The accessible room I booked had the accessible features I requested and the staff were very friendly and accommodating, but it was offset by a few issues.

The accessible room was located on the main floor, so there wasn’t any need to be concerned about an elevator. The room was rather small compared to other accessible rooms I have stayed in. It did have two twin beds, a roll-in shower, and a bathroom sink that was high enough for me to roll under; it was just all a touch small.

I had the hotel staff turn one of the beds so it ran perpendicular to the other one in order that I would have more space for the hoyer lift and for me to move around. It did free up some space, but it also showed how desperately the room needed some cleaning and refurbishing. The carpeting under the bed looked brand new compared to the parts that were exposed to the air, which is understandable but it left the room a bit dusty in addition to the strange odour that was in the halls and penetrating into the room.

If you read my post about the hotel I stayed at while in Venice, you’ll know that I had brought platforms with me to place under each corner of the bed so that it would create enough clearance under the bed for the legs of the hoist. Unfortunately, I forgot to pack them when we left Venice, but on the bright side, the bed was high enough that I didn’t need them. I asked the tour company, Rome and Italy, if they could have them sent to me and they did for 90€.

The bathroom was very small to navigate. I had a hard time maneuvering my way around there. Luckily, we only stayed for two nights.

The bathroom sink was high enough for my legs to fit under; however, the narrowness of the bathroom made it so I could only drive under the corner of the sink. If your wheelchair isn’t as long as mine (43 inches), you might have an easier time.

The shower was a roll-in, but again it was very narrow. It had these two plastic side covers that couldn’t easily be moved out of the way.

The hotel offers free breakfast. They had a nice spread of different options, including all the basics. But if you’re vegan, you’ll have fewer choices. On the first morning, I had some granola with soy milk. The next morning, the staff were kind enough to make me a garden salad and give me some vegan bread rolls. I can’t say I’ve ever had salad for breakfast before, but why not.

If you can manage small spaces, then you might enjoy this hotel. The staff are very nice and they helped me out when I had some technical difficulties. The hotel is a short distance from the Leaning Tower. Overall, they offer great service, but the rooms could use some updating.

I rented the hoyer lift and shower chair from RomeandItaly, and they also arranged the booking of this hotel for me.

Tip: if you’re coming from North America you’ll need to bring adapters and probably a power converter if you are using a powered wheelchair. I purchased the 1000W from Amazon, which you can see by clicking >here<. If you’d like more information on conversions and such, >here< is a link that helped me determine what converter I needed.

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