My name is Jasmine. I have a spinal cord injury, at the C6-7 level, which poses certain challenges, but such is life. I live in Canada and I will be commencing my fourth and final year of university in the fall. I am studying Classical Languages, i.e. Latin and Greek, a strange choice in many people’s opinion, but that’s alright. I love it.

That’s enough about me. I am starting this blog for those who have a disability and are interested in travelling, but aren’t sure how to go about planning it. If you have a disability it can be daunting to even think about all the additional preparations and planning compared to a “regular” traveller. How does the airplane seating work? How do I get on said seat? Is the hotel wheelchair accessible? Is there a roll-in shower? What about medical equipment that I need for my trip? What if my powered wheelchair breaks down during my trip?

This blog will answer these questions and more. Contact me if you have any questions.